don’t leave yet

For warmth, our photo assignment today, I chose the last leaves of autumn. The warm colors stand out even more against the bare branches and the cool creek behind them. I hate to see them go, especially as the weather turned so cold and grey today, and tonight the first snow began falling.

But you can’t know warmth if it never grows cold.

©2014 Scott Sharadin


off the dime

Ever wonder where that phrase came from? Supposedly it came out of the dance halls when young men paid to dance with the girls for a dime. Sometimes the ladies lingered a bit too long on the floor with certain guys, so the manager would yell “Hey Edna, get offa dat dime!”.

If not true, I like it anyway, much like the way my older brother Mike remembers things from our childhood. If not true, they sound sort of plausible and are usually pretty entertaining.

Anyway, I’m trying to kick myself in the butt and start actually taking photos, rather than wishing I were. So I’ve accepted the WordPress photo-a-day in November blog challenge, and consequently needed a blog to put the photos on.

The blog challenge starts next week, so for this week here’s one to “get offa dat dime!” (Now does anybody know what getting off the shnide means?)

This photo is from a recent bike ride on the D&L rail trail in the Lehigh River Gorge.

©2014  Scott Sharadin