little things

Nothing struck me on the way in and I couldn’t get away from the office today, so I was kind of stuck for an answer to today’s assignment. We were supposed to get in close on a “treasure” for the photo101 blog shot today. Then I realized the answer was staring me in the face. Not a killer shot, but kind of a fun grouping of little treasures that sit right next to me every day.
In the back is my desk gnome, which is my version of the travel gnome. I won it at some dumb white elephant game and it’s so out of character for me I kept it just for the weirdness. Sometimes when I’m trying to come up with an idea we have a staring contest. I haven’t won any.
Next to that are my true treasures and the other side is a Father’s Day gift from my daughter many years ago.

In front is one of those free swag promotional items that I got from a little start up company called Pixar. Back before Steve Jobs got run out of Apple and landed there, a group of incredibly talented artists and engineers created groundbreaking software and 3D rendering tools. They used it to put together a little animated short called Tin Toy, which won them an Academy Award. I was just getting into 3D graphics and had purchased their MacRenderman rendering software. They sent me that mug with the software, and it has been part of my morning ritual for 24 years. That’s how long I’ve been working at Miller Designworks as a designer, art director, web guy, videographer, photographer, writer, sales guy, and more. I’ve gotten to do all kinds of work in all kinds of places, and I’ve seen the technology change from everything being hand done to computer design technology having such a predominant role. But that little guy on the mug represents the right tools in the hands of talented people with great ideas. Hopefully that what we do here. I found a great job with a great group of people. That’s kind of a treasure.


of two minds

The moment was today’s photo101 assignment. For this shot I caught the young man as he was making up his mind to head across the street, to either the historic Colonial Theatre or the Pub for happy hour. Sometimes that’s how moments are, you never know what would have happened if you had headed the other way. Would I have met someone? Would I have been inspired? Would I have decided to volunteer and it change my life’s work? Or would I have just hopped in my car on the other side of the street, headed home to dinner and watch the Flyers? Who knows, the evening is young and anything’s possible in the moment.

FYI, this is the theater from the Blob, the classic low-budget sci-fi movie with a young Steve McQueen. Each year they re-enact the running out scene from the movie during Blobfest.

©2014 Scott Sharadin

something in the air

A second shot for our photo-a-day assignment, connections. This is the water tower above our office building in Phoenixville. I see it everyday and I think what a great view it has from there.

Recently I noticed the proliferation of cell tower receivers and repeaters mounted to it, and it got me thinking about that. Think of the hundreds of thousands of conversations and text messages and images that are ramming into that tower everyday. Invisible little packets of ones and zeros, carrying good news and bad, funny moments and tragedies alike. Do they go through us as we stand here? What other messages and moments pass right by and through us, and we just aren’t able to receive them. I can’t begin to wrap my head around the technologies involved in this all pervasive environment, but I know for certain that more doesn’t mean better.

Sometimes just grabbing a cup of coffee with someone makes the best communications technology.


©2014 Scott Sharadin