low country

dawn does’t crack in the low country of Georgia. Much like everything else here, it just kind of eases into it. No reason to hurry, it’s just too hot. We saw trees that were dead for decades that didn’t know it yet, so they just kept gripping the beach while wind and sand polished them into amazing abstract sculptures.  Some of the most powerful and richest people in the world came to Jekyll Island for a while, but they’re dead and gone now. It was never their home. These trees though, they belong here.



Somehow the post got lost in the ether(net). So here’s what it was supposed to be–

28 And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin,29 yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. – Matthew 6:28-29

I admit, I’m prone to being anxious about many things that are out of my control. (Clothing not really being one of those though, as my wife can attest.)

An unplanned Palm Sunday afternoon spent wandering around Longwood Gardens, just considering God’s creation, really is a great antidote to anxiety. Even more so when you consider the Creator.

All things considered, no worries.

somewhere in between

Coming into work I cross over the Schuylkill River every morning, just about halfway to the office. I’m usually a little foggy myself, but I always enjoy my glimpse of the river as I cross over. “How are the fish biting today? Is the water up? Wish I was putting in the kayak for a paddle.” These kinds of thoughts run through my head, but then I’m past it, and on up the hill to work.

This morning though, as it sometimes is in the spring, it was otherworldly crossing over the bridge. The colors had all drained away and it was nearly impossible to tell where the river left off and the sky began. I stopped to just look at it for a while, and saw this shot in my head before I even took it.

It seemed like an interesting metaphor for many mornings. You kind of emerge from the fog of sleep, to be faced with all these tangled issues that twirl and branch and seem insurmountable, but the fog dissolves and slowly the way, somewhere in between, usually appears.

Coffee helps.

Its funny how on the way home, I usually get a sunset off the water, the river once again reflecting the day. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep rolling on, whether you can see what’s coming or not.

little things

Nothing struck me on the way in and I couldn’t get away from the office today, so I was kind of stuck for an answer to today’s assignment. We were supposed to get in close on a “treasure” for the photo101 blog shot today. Then I realized the answer was staring me in the face. Not a killer shot, but kind of a fun grouping of little treasures that sit right next to me every day.
In the back is my desk gnome, which is my version of the travel gnome. I won it at some dumb white elephant game and it’s so out of character for me I kept it just for the weirdness. Sometimes when I’m trying to come up with an idea we have a staring contest. I haven’t won any.
Next to that are my true treasures and the other side is a Father’s Day gift from my daughter many years ago.

In front is one of those free swag promotional items that I got from a little start up company called Pixar. Back before Steve Jobs got run out of Apple and landed there, a group of incredibly talented artists and engineers created groundbreaking software and 3D rendering tools. They used it to put together a little animated short called Tin Toy, which won them an Academy Award. I was just getting into 3D graphics and had purchased their MacRenderman rendering software. They sent me that mug with the software, and it has been part of my morning ritual for 24 years. That’s how long I’ve been working at Miller Designworks as a designer, art director, web guy, videographer, photographer, writer, sales guy, and more. I’ve gotten to do all kinds of work in all kinds of places, and I’ve seen the technology change from everything being hand done to computer design technology having such a predominant role. But that little guy on the mug represents the right tools in the hands of talented people with great ideas. Hopefully that what we do here. I found a great job with a great group of people. That’s kind of a treasure.

painting fire

For the assignment “pop of color” I pulled one from last weekend, as I got rained out yesterday.

One of our favorite sections of the Perkiomen Rail-Trail goes over this old railroad bridge above the creek, and it’s flanked by these flaming red-orange trees that gamely hang on to their leaves well past most of the others on the trail. Show-offs!

Our old dog Maddie loves to walk this section with us, but the outings are getting shorter and shorter as her hip gives her more trouble. Maddie and Cheryl and I have covered this same section of trail probably hundreds of times, but we never really tire of it. It always makes us laugh how Maddie treats the other dogs she meets along the way. They’re all excited and she just gives them sort of an over the shoulder glance and a sniff, like she’s the queen mum and just can’t be bothered with the riffraff. Going to be some sad walks there when it’s just the two of us.


©2014 Scott Sharadin