of two minds

The moment was today’s photo101 assignment. For this shot I caught the young man as he was making up his mind to head across the street, to either the historic Colonial Theatre or the Pub for happy hour. Sometimes that’s how moments are, you never know what would have happened if you had headed the other way. Would I have met someone? Would I have been inspired? Would I have decided to volunteer and it change my life’s work? Or would I have just hopped in my car on the other side of the street, headed home to dinner and watch the Flyers? Who knows, the evening is young and anything’s possible in the moment.

FYI, this is the theater from the Blob, the classic low-budget sci-fi movie with a young Steve McQueen. Each year they re-enact the running out scene from the movie during Blobfest.

©2014 Scott Sharadin