Salish Sea Diamonds

Been a while since I posted anything. Came across this photo as I was housekeeping my hard drive. From my trip out to Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands last year. Took this from the Washington State Ferry out of Anacortes. I saw this fishing trawler just heading into the sparkling sunlight breaking through the mist. The light out in those islands is amazing, you just feel better in it. I thought this translated to B&W really well. It’s all about the light.

My brother has a cafe out there so if you ever get the chance stop by Mike’s Cafe and Wine Bar in Friday Harbor (and tell him how much you like his logo- shameless plug).

Mike tending the bar

Mike tending the bar



All photos ©2014 Scott Sharadin

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ricketts glen

This is a second shot for solitude, though I took it a few years ago. This picture from the beach at Rickett’s Glen State Park was taken in about 5 degrees in the middle of winter. Solitude abounds at that temperature, but I love finding places that are contrasts. So the picnic tables that would be full of families in the summer were all mine in February. This shot is full of drama, with the low light and the clouds and the exaggerated grain of the weathered wood on the tables.