For today’s architecture theme I went farm fresh. I really love the texture and angles and lines of the old barns in our area. I have a real artist friend who finds the whole barn thing cliche, and I’m sure it is, but I guess I just relate to them. Not very fancy, kind of missing some parts, and lots of things broken. They keep standing though, maybe not as straight as they once did, but then again, neither do I.

We had lots of farmer friends and relatives growing up, and I loved going and playing in the barns. So many places to hide and build forts in, things to climb and swing from, and enough dangerous parts to make them exciting.

This one’s probably not long for this world though, as the lot is for sale, and more McMansions need to be built. Hopefully the wood will get salvaged and remade into something beautiful and useful, just like the barn it came from.

©2014 Scott Sharadin


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