For the assignment “pop of color” I pulled one from last weekend, as I got rained out yesterday.

One of our favorite sections of the Perkiomen Rail-Trail goes over this old railroad bridge above the creek, and it’s flanked by these flaming red-orange trees that gamely hang on to their leaves well past most of the others on the trail. Show-offs!

Our old dog Maddie loves to walk this section with us, but the outings are getting shorter and shorter as her hip gives her more trouble. Maddie and Cheryl and I have covered this same section of trail probably hundreds of times, but we never really tire of it. It always makes us laugh how Maddie treats the other dogs she meets along the way. They’re all excited and she just gives them sort of an over the shoulder glance and a sniff, like she’s the queen mum and just can’t be bothered with the riffraff. Going to be some sad walks there when it’s just the two of us.


©2014 Scott Sharadin


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