For today’s challenge we had to shoot a landmark. Living near Philadelphia means there are almost too many options, but with an actual paying video shoot to do today, it didn’t afford me much time to get to one of them. I happened to be passing through Valley Forge Park on my way, so I stopped to shoot there. I am embarrassed to admit that though I’ve lived here all my life and spent a lot of time in the Park, I’ve never actually gotten out to walk around Washington’s Headquarters. Today I beat the park ranger there, so it wasn’t open yet. It was also void of visitors so I had it all to myself to shoot. It takes you a little bit to absorb the fact that you are walking where Washington, Von Steuben, Lafayette and so many other names from our history books actually met and strategized and worried and prayed.

Beyond those recognizable names though came the thousands that weren’t remembered or written about, many who suffered greatly, and some who paid the ultimate price. So on this Veteran’s Day in the United States it seems fitting to have this marked land as my picture for today, and to honor all of those who’ve served our country.

©2014 Scott Sharadin


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