A second shot for our photo-a-day assignment, connections. This is the water tower above our office building in Phoenixville. I see it everyday and I think what a great view it has from there.

Recently I noticed the proliferation of cell tower receivers and repeaters mounted to it, and it got me thinking about that. Think of the hundreds of thousands of conversations and text messages and images that are ramming into that tower everyday. Invisible little packets of ones and zeros, carrying good news and bad, funny moments and tragedies alike. Do they go through us as we stand here? What other messages and moments pass right by and through us, and we just aren’t able to receive them. I can’t begin to wrap my head around the technologies involved in this all pervasive environment, but I know for certain that more doesn’t mean better.

Sometimes just grabbing a cup of coffee with someone makes the best communications technology.


©2014 Scott Sharadin


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