Today’s photo assignment was water, but I came up a bit dry. The lighting all day was just crappy gray and the shots I did try just didn’t get there. I think I’ll try do this again on a better day, but for now this one will have to do. It was sort of a dreary, lonely day so this shot kind of fit.

I grew up hardly ever getting out of the water. Pop would take me to the Y and just let me drop in when I was 3, and I’d just kind of bob along. Then came age group swimming and almost 30 years of water polo. Every summer we’d camp for several weeks at Lake George out on the islands. We spent all day in our suits, swimming and snorkeling, paddling and sailing.
Later I was fortunate enough to be on the Avalon beach patrol where I would just watch the ocean in wonder. (Sometimes I watched the swimmers too.) I learned to surf there as well, which is just about the most fun you can possibly have. Now we kayak whenever and wherever we can.

I love the way water seems to have different personalities and moods. Water can be furious and roiling or tranquil and sublime. It’s colors are like a natural alchemy. It changes from lead to silver to gold to turquoise. Whatever it’s mood, It always refreshes my spirit. My wife and I always say how we have to drink it in and store it up for the winter, as we float around in the lake at the end of summer.

But sometimes, like in this photo, it can be kind of melancholy.


3 thoughts on “to the well

  1. I like the pic.You say its kinda melancholy ,look at the bright side …Its so quiet ad calm that time seems to have stopped and that you are the only person reflecting on all the happy as well difficult things in your life ! It also makes me feel,to be eagerly waiting for dawn and kinda thrilling 🙂 Hope,I didn’t offend you …


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