Here we go. Today starts my photo-a day challenge on, and the assignment was “home”. I’ve driven past this house for years on my way to and from work, and I’ve watched its slow deterioration as time and nature reclaim it. I’ve often wondered whose it was, and what their lives were like. Was it a home filled with grimness, or laughter? With selfishness and uncaring, or love and kindness? I hope it was the latter. Now though its just a decrepit shell with a no trespassing sign on the shed. Just waiting on a fresh start.


I recently lost a good friend from our church whose name was Jerry Batts. As I stood there at the viewing, it struck me what a shell our bodies are. Its part of of who we are, to be sure, but such a small part. Jerry’s body wasn’t always his friend, but oh the life in him! He was filled with joy and humor and love, and a contagious faith in the Lord. It lit up that “home” he lived in for 55 years. I’ll really miss him. But I’ll see him again in a new home, with a fresh start.


Shot this on my iPhone.


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